AMBA Committees

Membership Committee

The Membership & Marketing Committee is dedicated to ensuring our existing members are very satisfied with the services of AMBA and to grow our membership base, leading to increased volunteerism and financial contributions toward the mission of AMBA. This committee is seeking people with experience in marketing, social media, and developing and implementing professional surveys, and securing sponsorships.

Financial & Fundraising Strategies Committee

The Finance Committee will support the Treasurer and President in reviewing the financials of the organization, developing financial metrics and goals for the organization, preparing financial reports, and providing process improvement recommendations for financial management and reporting. This committee is seeking people with a strong financial background, preferably including non-profit, that can help provide finance support to the board of directors. Experience in review accounting journals, balance sheets, taxes, selecting appropriate accounting software and more if necessary.

The Funding Strategy Committee is dedicated to raising revenues which allow the organization to achieve its mission through major donors, small donors, grants and corporate sponsorship. This committee is seeking people with experience in developing relationships and making financial requests of this region’s major donors.

Trail Development & Maintenance Committee

The Trail Development & Maintenance Committee will help plan and implement new trail projects and maintenance projects on existing trails. Help develop and trail future trail builders and volunteer leads for maintenance projects.

Events & Group Rides Committee

The Events Committee is dedicated to organizing and implementing community events involving mountain biking. Committee members will work with the community organizers and other regional and state-wide clubs and organizations in order to facilitate mountain biking events and AMBA's participation in those events. Events include, but are not limited to: ABQ MTB Fest, Monthly Socials, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, etc.

The Group Rides Committee is dedicated to organizing and implementing safe, inclusive and healthy group rides. Group rides are a great way for participants to get further exposure to mountain biking in a safe environment and to meet other mountain bikers. This committee is responsible for group rides policies and procedures for ride leaders and participants.

AMBA Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee members Will Be:

  • Committed to the mission and vision of AMBA
  • Active in the mountain bike community and members of AMBA
  • Willing to dedicate time, ensure mission advancement and serve as an ambassador within the community to deepen AMB;'s relationships with land managers, financial and industry partners, members, and supporters.
  • Assist AMBA to continue to be the “go-to” mountain biking organization for Albuquerque.

Committee members commit to spending approximately 4-8 hours a month on average:

  • Attending monthly committee meetings. Many of which can be attended via conference call or over a ride.
  • Preparing committee work products outside of meetings.

Application Process

If you are interested in assisting AMBA with important committee work, please contact us and include any relevant information that may assist us in evaluating your ability to have a positive impact on AMBA's ability to successfully achieve its mission and goals. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, but you can anticipate an initial response from us within a month of receiving your application. All eligible applicants will meet with Board Members to discuss their qualifications and interest in serving on an AMBA Committee.