• Let someone know where you are going and especially if you’re headed out alone, carry a cell phone.
  • Carry water, a toolkit, and at least a basic first aide kit.
  • Even with sealant, flats happen. Carry a spare tube and pump, even when you’re running tubeless tires.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear a helmet.
  • Don’t forget trail courtesy. Our local trails are multi-use and just because we’re going faster, doesn’t always mean we have the right of way (usually the opposite). Yield to the uphill rider, announce yourself or use a bell when approaching hikers, runners and horses, and take care around blind corners.
  • If you are new or visiting the Albuquerque area, remember that although it may look like you’re in the desert, the altitude here is often a challenge for those unaccustomed to it. Don’t take on more than you’re ready for.
  • And finally, it is best to ride with someone who knows the area before going off on your own. We are always happy to show off our great trails to visitors when we can. Just contact us and we’ll hook you up!