The Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association (AMBA) is a non-profit organization serving the Greater Albuquerque area. Our mission is to:

  • Support a strong off-road cycling community
  • Foster mountain bike awareness
  • Promote trail stewardship
  • Work closely with land managers
  • Promote fitness

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AMBA Submits Comments for Cibola Forest Service Plan
(Posted: 08/29/2016)

AMBA has carefully reviewed the forest service plan and has submitted detailed comments.

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Forest Plan Revision Process for the Cibola National Forest Update
(Posted: 08/25/2016)

IMBA submits comment letter pertaining to the Draft Plan Alternatives.

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AMBA President Attended Forest Service Workshop
(Posted: 04/11/2016)

The Forest Service decided to include a local mountain biker to give input on their forest plan revision.

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AMBA & Sandia Ranger District Awarded RTP Grant
(Posted: 04/07/2016)

AMBA recently partnered with the Sandia Ranger District and was awarded Recreational Trails Program Grant money for improvements in the greater Cedro area!

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AMBA Volunteer Agreement with the Forest Service
(Posted: 04/01/2016)

AMBA is in the process of signing a volunteer agreement with the Forest Service to lead independent work crews on Forest Service approved projects.

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